Heat Recovery Banks

heat recovery unit, heat transfer fluid, heat recovery system, heat recovery bankIncreased energy costs have made heat recover recovery a priority in the Pulp & Paper and other industries to reduce a large portion of  production costs.   Highly-efficient heat exchangers can capture the heat that is vented during paper drying and other plant processes.  The recovered heat can be used in numerous applications in your paper mill, including space heating, preheated feed water, even as a heat source in the paper drying process.  Brune Engineered Product's low profile plates are extremely space efficient, versatile, and offer high "U" values in addition to easy cleaning and low fouling. 

Engineered Products Group's adaptability is becoming the preferred vendor for all of the paper mill ventilation engineering groups in North America.   With the ability to match existing flange patterns and locations, as well as overall size, we can replace any manufacturer's design.  And at Brune Engineered Products, our design service includes making any changes that would improve a current installation.

Heat recovery banks can be used by any industry with exhaust streams that will foul finned tube heat exchangers.

For more information, or to request a quote, contact us by phone at 715-687-9242, or email us at jimbrune@bruneproducts.com or click on the Request a Quote link above.

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